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As a FULL TIME Children entertainer for over 38 years.  I have years of experience of your needs of planning your event.  I think of every event as if it was my event and I give my all to make your event the BEST!!!!

When planning a children event think first of the age of the child.  Base the number of children coming on the age.

Ages 1-3 - no more than 8 (please view 

                  nap time before for booking)

         4-6 - no more than 15

         7-10 - no more than 20

       11-& up 

Have as many as you can afford (please note that after 20 attending my hourly price is based on only 20 attending, call for pricing)  This is for birthday parties only.  Corporate rates are priced differently.

Plan the area and place that you will have the clown perform.  Remove all TOYS and decorative items for safely and so others will  not get into them.  A true professional entertainer will pick the best area for their show by arriving early to view all.   Generally the area in homes is an area as large as the distance from the sofa to the TV, with any coffee table moved to a safer area.   In summer a deck that has no shade will not do for the children or the clown. Pools and swing set are not acceptable areas.   Please kept all pets in another room or away from the children doing the party time.  For it is hard on the pets also.

Parents should be aware of SAFETY, balloons are not to be giving to children under the age of 8 unless parental supervision is giving at ALL TIMES.   Balloons are #1 most chokeable item to give a child.  Please review the Federal Mandated of Children Safety Act on Balloon packages for your parental knowledge.

Parents should also be aware of what they are saying in front of children attending.  Such as, "DON'T BE AFRIAD OF THE CLOWN".  I have heard this stated many times,the first thing it does is gives the child a FEAR of ALL.   In 38 years of clowning in FULL GREASE MAKE-UP I have never had a child afriad of Holiday The CLown.  I am a Professional entertainer and my character development is strong.  All children will fall in love with Holiday The Clown.  This is because:

I am  Professional FULLTIME CLOWN in FULL CHARACTER AND COSTUME.  A doctor won't go to work without his tools of trade, WHY DO WE NOW HAVE CLOWNS THAT DO SO?  The main reason is that they are not trained in character development and can't  work the magic HOLIDAY THE CLOWN does.  Today's world of clowning they may face paint or do balloons, but that's it.  They have no character development; and while they do their one on one face or balloons the other kids are not entertained.  The calls will come for the cheapest clown in town, lowest pricing is not the reason for booking, you want a professional for your event.   Remember also that many clowns work for agents, their rates are higher (for the agent takes a cut) and you get the clown that the agent has been able to book for your time and date.   You may not get a professional clown for the Saturday 2pm event, that all want to book.   Go with a PROFESSIONAL CLOWNING BUSINESS, such as me, you will be PLEASED and you will make a memory.

You want the best, so view, with your heart this web site and you will be seeing the sparkle in the eyes of all that will be viewing Holiday the Clown at your event.

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My son and I on his last day home before his 2nd deployment to Iraq.


E-mail or call early for the best booking times, everyone wants that Saturday after at 2pm time.   Please used email, first than calls.   I am always at my computer.    

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You have selected the BEST CLOWN, now to have the best party read my suggestion, Thanks Holiday